Yukiko offers help with art projects. (Mainly in Kyoto and Kansai regions).

Helps in practical and theoretical way to conduct and accomplish tasks necessary for artist creation, such as location searching, negotiation, arrangement, preparation, etc. Previously assisted photographers, film directors, ceramists and so on.

ホームページ制作,SNS,事務サポート,名刺・DM・フライヤー等のデザイン...etc 何でもお気軽にご相談下さい。



・2017  Documentary shooting(from France) / Film Production

・2014- Doraneco-koubou (Nara Japan) / Ceramic art

・2013  Flageo (Kyoto Japan) / Web design

・2013  KYOTOGRAPHIE (Kyoto Japan) / Photo art

・2013  Group Exhibition (Nara Japan) / Ceramic art

・2010- Cocorozuki (Mie Japan) / Aromatherapy

・2009-2010 Hélène de Crécy:resident of Villa Kujoyama  / Film Production

・2009- Competition exhibition by WACA (Kyoto Japan) / Ceramic art

・2008-2009 Cerca Travel (Kyoto Japan) / Travel agency

・2008- Outouan (Osaka Japan) / Ceramic art

・2008  Cécile Tombarello (from France) / Photo art

・2007  Kumi Yamamoto Solo Exhibition (Shanghai China) / Photo art

・2007  Participated Shanghai Art Fair 2007 (Shanghai China) / Photo art

・2006  Participated Shanghai Art Fair 2006 (Shanghai China) / Photo art 

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