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人と人とが繋がって新たな扉が開くように、小さなアートとの出会いによって紡ぎ出される物語が美しいモノで溢れますように ....。

A small artwork that stimulates the five senses and conveys a message.

Sometimes we find little pieces of ourselves in many things.

That moment may be touching our heart gently.

How delightful I would be if my little artwork brought happiness to you and gently touch your heart. As people connect and new doors open I wish that the story born by meeting people and art will be filled with beautiful things .....

Photo by Terumasa Honda

Yukiko Kakimoto

















Yukiko is a visual artist.

Born in Kyoto, Japan, the origin of her creation is in her childhood.

She was a girl who was fascinated with drawing, making stories, and creating something freely.


After graduating from Kyoto Bunkyo College, she studied Japanese traditional Ikebana at Kadō Iemoto Ikenobo and flower design at Mami Flower Design School and earned a diploma.


In 1994, she started bridal flower planning and production, flower designs and aromatherapy instructing. Also completed many flower group exhibitions (Japan / Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo etc.) and seminars (Japan / Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, China / Shanghai etc.).


Since then, she has done not only flower designs but while building her careers she has also presented artwork that freely used various materials.


In 2015, the sudden illness of her family forced her to leave all work, but her creative activity never stopped, she began to make works again in daily life.


And, like the dots connect and make a line, and guided by something, the jewelry works were born.

Small palm-sized art that is wearable.

Her past knowledge and experience were integrated and made one form.


Beyond time and space, she will keep offering one and only works with love, that touch someone's heart.

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