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Yukiko Kakimoto

Yukiko Kakimoto is a contemporary artist. Yukiko's artistic approach is intuitive and combines different disciplines that she has been practicing indiscriminately from an early age. Yukiko decisively shifted her focus on combining wearable art with  the beautiful and unique culture of Japan and now she is dedicated to contemporary art jewelry. Using potter's clay, glaze, Urushi(Japanese lacquer), Sumi(Japanese black ink), pure gold powder, sterling silver, and many other natural materials, she create art that is small palm-size and wearable..

Born in Kyoto, Japan, the origin of Yukiko's creation is in her childhood. Yukiko was a girl who was fascinated with drawing, making stories, and creating something freely. Yukiko is a self-taught artist who for a long time has been developing skills through, trial and error, and her own unique style of work.

After graduating from Kyoto Bunkyo College, Yukiko studied Japanese traditional Ikebana at Kadō Iemoto Ikenobo and flower design at Mami Flower Design School and earned a diploma.

In 1994, Yukiko started bridal flower planning and production, flower designs and aromatherapy instructing. She also completed many flower group exhibitions (Japan / Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo etc.) and seminars (Japan / Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, China / Shanghai etc.). Since 1999 for about eight years, Yukiko has been engaged in directing an art gallery, she supported as a various consultant for both domestic and international artists. She has done not only flower designs but while building her careers she has also presented artwork that freely used various materials.

In 2015, the sudden illness of Yukiko's family forced her to leave all work, but her creative activity never stopped, she began to make works again in daily life. And, like the dots connect and make a line, and guided by something, the jewelry works were born. Yukiko's past knowledge and experience were integrated and made one form.

 Yukiko is interested in the vague human "heart" that can't be actually seen or touched. How does something more profound than just beauty as an ornament affect our hearts? She would like to explore the infinite possibilities of art. Currently, she has been chosen as an artist to participate in art fairs and international exhibitions in Europe, and activity enjoys those opportunities. 



SIERAAD International Jewellery Art Fair 18th edition - Amsterdam Netherlands

Collectiva Meeting ‘19 - Porto Portugal


Art Festival - Kyoto Japan 


“Thank you! 20th Anniversary Solo Exhibition” - gallery Miyagawa, Kyoto Japan

gallery Miyagawa - Kyoto Japan

“un seul message” - id Gallery, Kyoto Japan

“Flower Design exhibition”- Kyoto Japan

“Restaurant Wedding” - Kyoto Japan

“Ima, Hana-wa”- Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo Japan

“June Bride” - Kyoto Japan

“Seikatsu-Sanka” - Daimaru, Osaka Japan


Shinjo Gakuen - Hiroshima Japan

Rosai Hospital - Osaka Japan

Works held in private collections in Japan, the United States, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Czech Republic.

Yukiko's interview on Klimt02. Barcelona | 20192020
Preziosa Magazine. Maria Rosaria Petito. Napoli | 2020
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