Each sale of the Good luck series will give one Japanese origami to children for their mental health.

/"Good luck!"シリーズをひとつ売上毎に、子供たちのメンタルヘルスのために日本の折り紙をひとつ贈ります。

There are many children like diamonds all over the world. They are all precious rough diamonds that transform into beautiful shiny diamond while they hurt each other. Because of their sensitivity, their very beautiful soul can sometimes lose sight of the light. With this small project I hope I will be able to gently touch their hearts through the origami of a small country called Japan that they do not know at all. I want to convey the joy of creating something from a small piece of square paper using our own hands, the fun of knowing something new through different cultures, the importance of life and how great it is to fold origami wishing for someone’s health and happiness.
If you want to give origami to your family or friends, please feel free to contact me.



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