Wearable Art

​ 〜 アートを身に纏う 〜

Contemporary Art Jewelry for N°4

時空を超えて、あなたに届けたい SAUDADE

物語に出てくるやさしくて繊細で、そして、ちょっと不器用な主人公が華麗な変身を遂げるように…。SAUDADE* をあなたのハートの近くに飾るだけで、どこからともなく”元気”や”勇気”が湧いてくる。あなたの中に棲む"平和の鳩"を見失わないように、もっと自分らしく自由にを放つ。

世界にたったひとつだけ... SAUDADEは、かけがえのない唯一無二のあなたのためのジュエリーです。


* “SAUDADE”(サウダーデ)とは、郷愁、憧憬、思慕、切なさ、等の意味合いを持つポルトガル語。一つの単語では言い表しづらい複雑なニュアンスを持っています。



"SAUDADE" that I want to send to you beyond the spacetime.

As if a gentle, delicate, and a bit clumsy hero/heroine appearing in the story would make a splendid transformation ... Just wearing SAUDADE* near your heart gives you "energy" and "courage"! You will not lose "the peace dove" living within you ... You can be yourself, feel more free, and shine bright. It is only one in the world, the special jewelry for you.


* "SAUDADE" is a Portuguese word that has implications such as nostalgia, adoration, love, longing, and so on. It has complicated nuances that are difficult to express in one word.

Small palm-sized art that is wearable and stimulates your senses. 

Jewelry is one of the fashion items that attract people of all ages , but I would like to cast a good spell on you with a brooch that you put near your heart. 


It's made of pottery. I created it from scratch, borrowed “the power of fire god” to bake the base, and colored it with the technique of "Kintsugi". I make the whole process with my own hands. 

So, every brooch is different and unique in the world. 


"Kintsugi" is Japanese unique culture, that bonds cracked or chipped ceramics with lacquer and restores it by decorating the joint with gold, silver or tin. It was born from the delicate aesthetic sense of the Japanese which values and adores even the flaws. The natural lacquer extracted from plants slowly hardens over time, and by coating many times, it hardens even more. 

It is a bit similar to our life, which follows the process of destruction and regeneration, sometimes leaving all to God, but eventually grow with love. 


Please feel the high vibration from the small artwork carefully made of natural materials that are friendly to people and the earth. 

How delightful I would be if this little artwork brought happiness to you and gently touch your heart. 


I will continue to create unique works that touch someone's heart while combining beautiful Japan’s unique culture with the present age. 


with all of my love 

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