KINTSUGI - 金継ぎ - / golden joinery


 KINTSUGI is a Japanese original repair method that bonds broken or chipped ceramics, with lacquer, decorates and seams the joint with gold, silver or tin. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not know about KINTSUGI even in contemporary Japan full of material things, and its culture is declining.

  Long ago, precious porcelain which is said to have also become a substitute for the territorial land when the tea ceremony culture prospered in the Muromachi period.

It is a culture born out of the delicate aesthetic sense of the Japanese where broken tea bowl is not just repaired by gluing it with lacquer, but also breakage mark is appreciated as the design pattern.

  Lacquer is a living creature. The process will also differ depending on the temperature and humidity at that time and the condition of the equipment and damage. And I have learned so far that most interestingly, the state of mind at that time will also influence. KINTSUGI is not aimed only to repair broken objects. I felt that they also play the role of nurturing the heart to value things and inheriting the stories left behind on that object. Although it is an era that often tends to require speed and convenience, lacquer slowly takes time to solidify and it changes to a more robust thing by overlapping it many times. And the bowl that comes to new life will also start to mark the passage of time in our daily life.

  Now, in the world, the glittering beauty of the appearance of KINTSUGI often draws attention, but in this process, the spirit of "Wabi-sabi", the Japanese aesthetics is alive.​







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