The dove of peace


It's written English near the bottom of the screen.



“Está pombinha viaja levando paz! não deixe que ela morra no seu.”


















"Está pombinha viaja levando paz! Não deixe que ela morra no seu.”

 A wonderful message that arrived the other day.   

"The dove of peace brings peace. Please do not let your peace dove die"

The dove of peace is "love".
To let the peace dove die is to hurt people by our own ego and ultimately hurt ourselves deeply. Ego is born of fear, there is no love. Longing for love while fearing of love, trying to fight while wishing for peace ... human beings repeat foolish things although their small ego cannot win against love.   

Let go of ego rather than thinking with your head, the world will be more peaceful if we listen to our heart and make a loving choice.   

 "Is love there? "   


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