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そんなに経っていたなんて...自分でもびっくりしましたが、先日、ある方から8年前のことを振り返ってみてと言われ、偶然にも8年前の2010年に「un seul message」で個展を開いていたことを思い出しました。それも丁度、同じ10月!

「un seul message」は、他者へのメッセージを一輪の花に託し、そして、今回の「SAUDADE」は、もっとパーソナルな祈りにも似たメッセージが込められています。






The other day, I released a new work for the first time in 8 years. I could not believe how time flies, but the other day, I was told by someone to look back 8 years ago, and I remembered my solo exhibition "un seul message" in 2010, which was just 8 years ago. Coincidentally, it was also in October. In "un seul message", I let one flower to express a message for others, and this "SAUDADE" contains a message more like a personal prayer. This "SAUDADE" brooch was born from meeting people. The precious persons who gave me a lot of love and awareness. I entrusted a small brooch to express something I could not explain in words. With a wish that we will not lose our "dove of peace" that lives in our hearts .... And I hope that this brooch will reach the people who need it.

title:Veins / 脈 material:potter’s clay, urushi(Japanese lacquer), brooch pin, leather and Love♡


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