Episode vol.1 - un seul message

"un seul message”は、2010年に発表した私のオリジナル額装作品です。

同年、京都のid Galleryにて個展 un seul message展 を開催した際には、来場者に事前に知らせることなく、それぞれの心に思い浮かぶ人に向けて、ひとつだけのメッセージを小さな紙に書いてもらい、壁に貼っていくという実験的な試みをしました。





"un seul message" is an original frame artwork I presented in 2010.

In the same year in my “un seul message” exhibition at id Gallery in Kyoto, I gave the experimental trial. Without informing the visitors in advance, I asked them to write a single message on a small piece of paper for someone they thought in their mind, and I stuck them on the wall.

There were people who wrote without hesitation, who were lost and could not write immediately, and who shared a story about the message. Messages were written for family, lover, friend, and themselves ...

I still remember that each of thought filled the venue and integrated with my work.

And everyone’s message is still kept as a treasure.

What kind of message do you want to send now? To whom?


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