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​ 〜 アートを身に纏う 〜


Contemporary Art Jewelry for N°4.

N°4” is the heart chakra.
Everything has a vibration, and we more or less influence each other every day. Through the brooch, I want to cast a good spell on the unique heart of someone who needs my work.

My brooches are colored with the technique of “Kintsugi” on the base made with the power of earth and fire. The process until the brooch is made is linked to our life.
“Kintsugi” is a unique culture in Japan that repairs the broken or chipped ceramics. The technique not only repairs the broken teaware with lacquer but also decorates the joints with gold, silver, tin, etc. Kintsugi was born from the delicate aesthetic sense of the Japanese who valued and appreciated even the cracked traces. 
Natural lacquer extracted from plants slowly solidifies over time, and by layering it multiple times, it turns into a stronger product.
It's a bit like our life, where we go through bittersweet, destruction and rebirth, sometimes leaving all to God, and eventually grow with love. 

And this brooch is made of a material that will eventually return to nature just like us.

We are living “now” while repairing our damaged heart and body many times. From there, we learn a lot and can be stronger, have a deeper life, and wear a new beautiful light. I want you to be reminded of that by wearing this brooch.

To be honest, my brooches are not decorative but rather plain like the stones on the roadside.But I wish, by being worn on your chest it breathes life, it is never a superficial thing, it is like a part of your body, it emits a beautiful inner light that makes you shine.
I would be so happy if this little brooch could bring you joy and touch your heart gently.

I want to continue creating unique works that touch someone's heart by combining beautiful Japanese unique culture and the present time.

*Yukiko's brooches are unique pieces that you can use habitually for a long time, regardless of the times or trends. In case it breaks due to any accident, please feel free to contact me if you are still fond of it and want it to be reborn.

with all of my love 

"N°4"のためのコンテンポラリー アート ジュエリー













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